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“Redmond auto detailing is more than a top-to-bottom thorough cleaning and reconditioning of the interior and exterior of the vehicle using specialized tools and products to make it look good.”

Fleet Vehicles Redmond OR

Are you happy with the image of your Brand on the front, sides, and back-doors of those vehicles? What message do those vehicles send to your customers? Does your Brand appear clean, organized, orderly and safe? Your vehicle represents your company — your brand image. That’s the weight these vehicles bear over your business or organization. Worry not though! We have the perfect service just for you.

Fleet detailing is extremely important to keep your vehicles in good condition, leaving behind a lasting impression to the community. Not only will it save you money, it can also ensure safe travels. Leaving your fleet vehicles contaminated can lead to rust build up over time or even cause unfortunate accidents, costing your company thousands. Fleet vehicles are a huge investment to a company or organization, and should be kept up with our regular maintenance detail package. Our monthly Redmond auto detailing upkeep and maintenance helps prevent these contaminants from eating away your vehicles, increasing the longevity of their lifespan. 

Don’t let your Fleet vehicles be used and abused. Maintain the aesthetic on your fleet vehicles and give a good representation of your brand, all at a reasonable price. Experience top quality detailing from our highly-trained detail specialists — call us today!

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